A birthday surprise

Happy Birthday IanI’d imagine it’s very unusual that a website is built for a business without the business owner knowing, but this is what has happened with Team Music!

Rest assured, it’s a for a great reason.  When a person that has friends and a big loving family including grandchildren arrives at a particularly significant birthday, often that person doesn’t have specific present requests and family are left trying to find original yet useful gifts. You know how it is, the birthday boy can’t actually receive nothing to mark his special day, despite saying there is nothing he needs or would like.

So here we are, the new Team Music website and shop has arrived and it’s all come to life in recognition of Ian’s birthday! Being so new, I’m sure there are things that might need refining along with services and information that will be added in time. So bear with us and please do tell us about any issues you encounter, to help us serve you, our customers as best we can.  Thank you for visiting, tell your friends about us and we hope to be able to assist you very soon.


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