About Team MusicTeam Music is a friendly husband and wife team that are both passionate about music.

Ian started playing trombone when he was 13 with Freddie Woods Big Band in Horsham; mainly because he was allowed a sneaky half pint after the gig! Freddie was Ian’s inspiration mainly due to his extensive music knowledge and the stories Freddie would tell about every section of every piece of music he ever played. Ian still plays with the band, in memory of Freddie. He also plays with the Royal Marines Association Band, Les Pauls Big Band, Southdowns Concert Band, funk band Ticklin the Pickle and for lots of local amateur dramatics shows. A Dad and a Grandfather, Ian has run own electronics company since 1979 and his electronics knowledge has helped grow Team Music to what it is today.

Louise was a woodwind player before having three children and has now become an honoury brass player as all the children play brass! In between Mummy duties, Louise handles the embroidery and accounting parts of the business whilst assisting with enquiries. She also makes very tasty cakes and if you are lucky enough to get a “while-you-wait” appointment, you might be able to enjoy a slice.

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