“Two years ago Ian completely refurbished my battered old brass trumpet as I wanted to sell it on to pay for the new one I’d bought. Ian got all of the valves and slides working perfectly (they still are!) and he did a magnificent job in replating the instrument in silver. It’s still embellished with Maynard Ferguson on the bell. (Oh if only it would allow me to play like him as well, it’d be perfect!! :-))  None the less it’s since been a magnificent trumpet. I’ve tried to find out a bit more about it but I can’t, although I do know that it was made in Bradford. It has all the hallmarks of a Besson and certainly plays as well as one. As a result of that refurb’ I immediately sold the new replacement one on, simply because Ian’s refurbished job was a much improved blow over the new one!

Thanks again Ian for a fantastic job. He even welded on a little plate he made especially with the RM Corps crest and my name on it. I’m so pleased with it to this day and don’t think that I will ever change it now.  I could not recommend anyone more highly if anyone is ever considering refurbishing their instrument or in need of any kind of repair.”
– Derek Usher of Portsmouth. Former Royal Marine musician

“I needed some work done on the pads for my bass clarinet for which Ian did a great job.  I also had a problem with one of the lower keys which Ian managed to fix for me.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian in doing any kind of any instrument repair work.  I also needed a couple of keys that were worn and Ian did an excellent job of nickle plating them.”
– Bill Callow

“As a great musician, Ian knows what is required from a brass or woodwind instrument in need of a little TLC. Ian has undertaken so many projects for me over the years (too many to list) including repairs to my trombones, the silver and gold plating of my mouthpieces and the complete rebuild of my flugabone (the flugabone was in a seriously dilapidated condition). The work he has undertaken for me has been of the finest quality; indeed his rebuild of my flugabone far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ian as a person of integrity, as a musician and as an instrument repair magician.”
– Ken Davies

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